Employment Opportunities

Available Positions:

  • Tutors
  • Substitute Tutors
  • Coordinators
  • Trainers
  • Student Supervisors
  • Language Translators
  • Provider Fair Representatives

 Documents Required:

  • Employment Application
  • Teaching Credential (for tutors)
  • TB Clearance Documentation
  • Automobile insurance certificate
  • Valid California I.D. / SS# Card or Passport
  • Fingerprint and background check

 To obtain an application packet; call 209-565-1129 or 

email: info@jumpintoreading.net




Description of Duties:

Tutor Duties:

The tutor's primary role is to provide academic instruction to promote reading and literacy skills. In addition they meet with parents to determine goals,aid with ISLP's, Emergency Forms, Attendance Records, Lesson Logs, Assessments, Phone Log, Progress Reports, and Data Collection. (Tutors may also earn units while tutoring)!

Coordinator Duties:

The Coordinator's primary role is to provide support to tutors while managing after school tutoring sessions.  In addition, they aid with collection of ISLP's, Emergency Forms, form groups of students, assign groups to tutors, collect monthly documentation, make site visits to monitor/support tutors, aid with parent communication and district personnel.

Trainer Duties:

The Trainer's Primary role is to provide training on specified dates. Curriculum, procedures, and routines provided.

Student Supervisor Duties:

The Student Supervisor's primary role is to offer a nutritional snack to students through the district's Food Service Department while supervising for 30 minutes prior to the tutoring session.  In addition, they attend Parent Fairs, offer Language Translation, and aid with Parent Contacts.