About Us

2017 marks its 13th year with JIR! Cathy alone, developed her Reading Program in 2004, then founded the company name and implemented it in 2005. It was designed solely to provide the highest level of educational service, in combination with hiring the highest level of staff: certified teachers. Cathy's program does not offer gimmicks. The prize is that her students receive the gift of succeeding in reading and writing and it has never ceased to amaze her, how the power of her program continues to elevate students' reading level and achievement. Ever a teacher, it is her nature to help, assist, and mentor those who intersect with her life. Although Cathy is the CEO of her organization, she still makes time to work directly with students as that's the level of passion she has for being a part of educating a child!

Surrounded by educators in her family, Cathy's educational career began in 1983 as a substitute teacher, followed in 1985 as a certified teacher. She taught in grades K-6 for eleven years; then furthered her education by earning her Master's Degree in Reading. With degree in hand, Cathy moved into specialized instruction as a Reading Specialist. Due to the academic success of her students, her passion for literacy continued to grow and over the next 11 years, she took on the role as Literacy Staff Developer for Teachers, Beginning Teacher Intern Coach, and Program Manager for Literacy Programs within San Joaquin County schools. She had two years overlapping working with school districts and running her company. The past 13 years have had her immersed with Jump Into Reading. Her educational experience spans 33 years in 2017 and her passion for student success still has not dimmed!

Jump Into Reading is a service provider for school districts, private schools and charter schools. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, it offers services as an "alternative support service provider" following the ending of No Child Left Behind Law. Jump Into Reading holds 13 years of experience working as a service provider for more than 50 school districts in California under the original No Child Left Behind Law.

Within the first year of implementation in 2005, various school districts contacted Jump Into Reading, ultimately securing contracts with a total of five. Students who were served made gains of an average of one year's reading growth within a three-month tutoring span. Cathy's goal had been achieved! In the following year 2006, the company incorporated and became known as JIR Enterprises, Inc. DBA Jump Into Reading. Since then, within 13 years, it has exponentially grown in size, contracted with 42 school districts, employed hundreds of staff members and served thousands and thousands of students to date. Because of the tremendous growth, a training center was opened to support JIR's needs as the company continued to expand in various California regions. Jump Into Reading enters it's 13th season in the fall of 2017.