Every Student Succeeds Act Replaces Supplemental Educational Services Tutoring

What does SES mean?

Tutor writing on chalkboard.

S.E.S. is an acronym for Supplemental Educational Services. The Federal Government passed the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 to provide additional academic instruction to underperforming schools.  This would include tutoring, remediation, and small classes  to exist outside of the regular school day.  When a school falls into Year 2 PI (Program Improvement), the Local Education Agency (LEA) is to provide SES services to qualifying students. 

SES Content Requirements

  • Must be aligned with California State content standards and instructional materials
  • Must be aligned with each district’s curriculum
  • Must be research – based
  • Must be designed to increase student achievement

SES Eligibility:

  • Only students who are “low income” are eligible
  • Only students attending a school in Year Two of Program Improvement

SES Providers:

  • Must be State-approved on a two year cycle
  • Must require employees to have background checks including fingerprints and TB clearance
  • Must show proof of liability insurance
  • Must demonstrate effectiveness of academic growth

Parent Notification:

  • The LEA shall provide at a minimum, annual notice to parents the availability of services, the identity of approved providers whose services are reasonably available and a brief description of the services, qualifications and demonstrated effectiveness of each such provider
  • Parents choose their SES provider and complete the application

Individual Student Learning Plans:

  • LEA must develop individual student learning plans in consultation with SES providers, parents and students, if appropriate.

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